New DeepGuard - a little bit more details, please :)



In the new DeepGuard (F-Secure 2013) is a little informations about blocked file.

For example:


Only Reputation and popularity.

Can you add more informations in Details, for example why a file is blocked?

In DeepGuard 4 (F-Secure 2012) i remember was more informations.





  • Yes when I first installed my FS-IS 2013 on Microsoft patch Tuesday on a clean
    install it reported a virus during its first scan but the only info I could find
    was it was a ‘general’ virus?, but I knew it was nothing & sure enough the
    next day it was gone.


    but ya id like to see a path to the infected file etc.?, in case it is a false positive etc.?.

  • ‘general'

    not general, I guess 'generic', which means - it looks a lot like virus, yet it might not be virus


    and "Only Reputation and popularity" is actual reason

  • Sami_VistiSami_Visti Posts: 56 Former F-Secure Employee
    Hi Pianista47, Thanks for your message in the board. I’m not sure I understood your questions correctly. In this case our solution has detected a Trojan and for that reason the application has been blocked. The name of the detection is listed in the more information area (application, reputation, popularity and detection). The dialog is same as in earlier version. Regards, Sami
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