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As is known, BitDefender engine does not detect well adware/Riskware. So, also F-Secure :)



I think it would be nice, if you'll improve Adware detection in yours engines (heuristic, cloud...).


I see on many computers of begginers a lot of adware... Smiley Wink



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    Hi Pianista47, F-Secure has received excellent ratings from various independent testing organizations (AV Comparatives and on it’s malware detection and removal capabilities. Both of these organizations are the best antimalware testing organization and do detailed testing on each security products in the market. We are constantly working on making sure our customers do get the best possible protection against malware and other harmful applications. We will investigate winsevenholic’s YouTube review. It’s good to note that he did perform the test with our Technology Preview version and not actually release version of F-Secure Internet Security. Technology Preview versions are beta version of our upcoming products. Regards, Sami
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    PUP detection by most AV's is pretty weak and F-Secure is amongst these vendors. IME, only ESET and Malwarebytes do well in PUP detection.


    Good settings for Malwarebytes here;


    So I second this proposal, although a layered defense is always the best solution.

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    this idea about 3 years is under Consideration isnt it enough? Smiley Very Happy

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    I think that all this time - there just was steps for improve/change/add design and work for detection kinds of Adware. There is indeed can be different with detection-result about some of adware (which was before and can be on current time). But also mainly there was recently response about "points" around - where have words why some things can not be more, than already there. And I think.... that there F-Secure still working on something, which can to improve detection for this things.
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