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I think a lot of users of F-Secure have noticed, that often in F-Secure Window text is not fully displayed.

For example:


I did not notice this in any other program and i think this looks not aesthetic. It would be nice, if this wille improved/fixed.

I don't know... Maybe add possibility of change the window size?


Best Regards.



  • Thanks for the comments. There's always a challenge to fit display texts in text fields and windows in the user interface. This is especially the case with mobile applications that need to fit within the small screen. There are languages that have generally quite short words and there are languages that require more space for the long words. We currently support over 20 languages with Internet Security. This is always a balancing act and there's room for improvement here, both for readability and aesthetics reasons.




    Harri Kiljander

    Director UX design

  • ElseHElseH Posts: 114 Former F-Secure Employee
    Hi Pianista! Thank you for your feedback. As you noticed, your comment has gone to the correct place and F-Secure's UX Design team director commented on your idea. Thank you Harri. Cheers ElseH F-Secure Community Manager
  • Thanks!

    I understand that f-Secure is available in many languages, but this should be fixed. Not only F-Secure has multi-lanuage, but only F-Secure has this bug :)

  • MeteorManMeteorMan Posts: 28

    if the interface of the beta version in 2014 will remain the same that i saw,I will miss 2013! Smiley Very Happy

  • MeteorManMeteorMan Posts: 28

    and the most important change of all:

    this time,on 2014 version,put F-Secure icon on right-click scan menu Smiley Wink

    i don't understand why this lack of icon,instead any other AV have :)

  • CaleCale Posts: 114 F-Secure Product Manager

    First issue just fixed for next release.

    Second issue is only in TP.

    3rd issue is fixed in IS2014.


    What comes to right-click menu, we try to add it in the next release.

  • ChrissyChrissy Posts: 438
    Thanks for all your comments and suggestions! As Cale has mentioned in his post, some of these issues have been addressed in IS2014, and others are in the works. We appreciate your feedback - keep it coming!
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