Win7 Shutdown During Full Scan of TurboTax 2011 U.S. Tax Return Document Files


For months, my laptop has shut down during a full scan of my C:/ drive, which was scheduled to run late at night. Since the scan ran unattended, there was no way to determine what prompted the shutdown. As a result, I decided to monitor the complete scanning process. While monitoring every file being scanned, the laptop shutdown hard, not just a crash or a frozen screen, but a complete, hard shutdown without any indication that it was to occur. After monitoring the process several more times and noting that it occurred at exactly the same point on the same file, I removed that file from the scanning process and ran it one more time. The full scan completed without interruption. As it turns out, the shutdown occurred at the point it encountered my TurboTax 2011 U.S. Tax Return Document Files. It's only speculation on my part, but it appears as though Intuit has code built into the files that immediately and without warning will shutdown Win7 Pro to protect them from any type of corruption or modification.


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    I would suggest for you to check on the latest update. Download them and install. This should do the trick. image

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