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I downloaded the beta today and tried installing but the conflicting software scanner stops at 25%. It says "There were some issues during installation" and ends the installation there. I keep trying but without success.

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  • CloudCloud Posts: 2
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    Software scanner? Are you talking about on-demand antimalware scanners? As much as I hate having to do it, Malwarebytes was already off the system. I even took the extra time to wipe out its left over files and registry entries. Still a no go. F-Secure 2011 and 2012 install fine without issue.


    EDIT: Okay, now it is working. Yesterday the beta wouldn't budge and now it is cooperating. Kinda weird, I guess.


  • tripodzidtripodzid Posts: 42

    Whatever software scanner you have, you can try to disable it for a while when installing F-Secure. That how it usually works. image

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