F-secure 2011 - TLS pop mail connection blocked




I'm running F-2011 on Windows Xp Pro Sp3.

F-secure is blocking POP mail traffic when secured with TLS (Eudora Mail).
I tried to create a rule to allow TLS but failed. I allowed all IP traffic to and from

the POP mail address, but to no avail. It didn't work.

When i unload F-secure 2011 firewall, i can access POP mail through TLS again.


Anyone here knows the solution?


Unfortunately i can't switch to SSL for this particular host.





  • NomadIndra
    NomadIndra Posts: 12 Observer


    Managed to turn TLS of and use SSL instead using an alternate port:.


    Alternate Port setting are:


      • POP3 -- uses port 995


      • SMTP -- uses port 465


    • IMAP4 -- uses port 993

    With this f-secure allows POP traffic

  • tripodzid
    tripodzid Posts: 32 Observer

    Mine works with this IMAP configuration. Thanks for adding it to list. image

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