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Take note of the following as these occurs to me as well. I've got someone remotely control my Mac over and over again.


My mouse keeps moving around on its own, as if someone is remotely controlling my Mac!


Of course, it could be someone who has “hacked” your computer and is remotely controlling it. I can’t rule that out completely. However, this would require some unusual circumstances:

  • You have Screen Sharing turned on in System Preferences -> Sharing
    someone on the same network knows your login password.
  • You have Screen Sharing turned on
    Back to My Mac turned on in System Preferences -> iCloud
    someone has hacked your iCloud account, or knows the password
  • You have Screen Sharing turned on
    someone has changed settings in your wireless router (which would most likely require physical access and knowing the password)
    knows the IP address of your home network
    knows your login password.
  • Someone with physical access to your computer has installed third-party screen sharing software (LogMeIn, GotoMeeting, etc) on your computer without your knowledge.

So, for the most part, this is not something that a remote hacker could accomplish. If someone is actually remotely accessing your computer, most likely it is someone you know.


 Note:- Feel like giving up a Mac for good.


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    I also remember having my mouse moves in abnormal motion. I though someone was just playing with me until I noticed a very small peice of rock at the bottom of my mouse. Funny the story may sounds, but I learned something about it. It could be a problem for some. image

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