F-secure 2012 - On PREPAID Internet connection - Automatic Updates can't be turned off




Just upgraded to F-secure 2012 - to my amazement there is no option to

turn automatic updates off.


I'm on a prepaid mobile data connection, paying for every MB that goes up & down

the line.


Turning Automatic Updates OFF is cost / damage control. 


Besides this, when the connection is just GPRS/EDGE (2G), its plain annoying

to have an automatic update clog the line.


I have to downgrade to the previous version to get control over my internet

connection again. Anyone knows another solution?











  • NomadIndra
    NomadIndra Posts: 12 Observer


    After some digging in the F-secure  2012 manual and a session with F-secure support, it became clear that
    when running Windows XP the option "Mobile Broadband" in "Other settings" is not available.

    In the Mobile Broadband settings it's possible to suspend Automatic Updates - which is ONLY available in W7.

    This leaves those on a Windows XP platform exposed to automatic updates when connected with a prepaid
    mobile internet connection. Hence large 30-40 Mb updates which occasionally are downloaded can't be stopped.
    When on a SLOW 2G (GRPS) connection, this will practically annihilate the connection performance.

    To make matters worse, if your W7 platform is connected through LAN or WIFI the Mobile Broadband setting

    won't have any effect. It will auto update anyway.

    I'm connected through a 3G to WIFI wireless router. It has a PREPAID simcard in it and shares a connection among
    several users. F-secure will not treat this connection as mobile broadband.


    Im not amused by F-secure 2012......



  • pusaqall
    pusaqall Posts: 34 Observer

    Right. Go by Windows 7 if you want this issue fixed. I just upgraded my OS due to this problem. image

  • NomadIndra
    NomadIndra Posts: 12 Observer


    I remove F-2012 and install F-2011 again.

    W7 won't work for me now - F2012 won't detect a mobile broadband connection if it's connected over WIFI to a cellular 3G router.



  • NomadIndra
    NomadIndra Posts: 12 Observer

    Returned to F-secure 2011 - a few remarks;


    - F-Secure 2012 comes with Parental controls, in version 2011, I could chose to skip this. During 2012 install there was no option to do that.


    - The F-secure de-install tool has no feedback, it just removes all, restarts and says nothing.





    One side-effect I can't re-produce, but mention it anyway, its based on Windows XP Pro SP3 all updates installed; 


    After Fsecure 2012 was installed, the WIFI hotspot (open - unsecured) used for download / upgrade could not be connected to. Other nearby WIFI hotspots with WEP/ WPA security worked fine. The WIFI adapter could not get an IP address. Even when trying with USB WIFI adapter, connection to the open WIFI hotspot was not possible anymore.  Setting a manual IP address with the right gateway, DNS resulted in a working connection. Somehow IP address acquisition did not work anymore for the OPEN wifi hotspot after F-2012 was installed.Just before de-install, i tested this, still didn't work. Just after F-2012 de-install - IP address acquisition worked again.....


    Now running with F-secure 2011 again. Will hold on to this version as long as possible.



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