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Yesterday I helped my parents update the f-secure Internet Security Technology Preview.

This is the information after the update.

F-Secure Startområde 1.62 build 365


CCF Agent 1.62 build 280

CCF CUIF 10.01 build 33962

CCF DAAS2 1.10 build 299

CCF Automatic Update Agent 1.05 build 1020

CCF Upstream 2.00 build 107

CCF Diagnostics 8.00 build 17952

CCF Scanning 1.06 build 114.5115

CCF Network 1.02 build 115

CCF Reputation 1.0 build 25.1756


They use Opera web browser. I have forced them to use the opera browser as they  previsions have been infected using explorer.

After some use they reported to me that none of the usual websites worked as they used to. They were logged out of every profile, and was unable to login again.

I really scratched my hair. And I tested the sites with IE, and here I was able to log in. But in opera nothing happens except that the page refresh on submit. But no error message or anything.


I did then go though all options in opera and did see that cookies was disabled for all sites. I was like, what?

So a simple change, and all sites worked again like they used to.


So what did happen? Did f-secure change the options inside opera? Or does my parents lie? I directly asked if they changed some settings, and they refuse to have done anything.

They are not super users, and don't even know how to open the options in opera. They just use it.


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