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I noticed that the F-Secure 2013 for a few minutes is a demanding system after loading the desktop. I know that this might be normal behavior, but is it possible to shorten the time this big usage? 




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    I agree, but I am currently using trial version. Are you already in full version? image

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    F-Secure's major scan engine is the Aquarius, which has grown a huge malware recognition database (probably ~200MB uncompressed). This updates at least once per workday. The update download is small, but integrating that delta-diff into the monolith is a lot of computing and HDD traffic.


    In previous generation of FSAV, the database update download and installation started as soon as Windows booted up enough to have net access. In order to make computer startup quicker, F-Secure added a delay to more recent product versions, so AV datebase download and update will not happen until desktop has been loaded for some time (I think 4 minutes).


    I do not like this, because of lessened security. The user may already be on facebook or in some webmail by that time and receiving the latest malware that knocks out AV before the update could finish. Furthermore, even if the user starts working in e.g. Excel, his/her productive activity will be disrupted for 2-3 minutes during the retroactive AV signature update period and she may think the PC is faulty.


    It is better to update the AV databases between OS startup and user login and ask the netizen not to login to Windows before the computer's HDD status LED calms down.


    The only way to completely solve the problem would be to get rid of monolith AV (Aquarius or the previous AVP engine). That can only happen with 99% Cloud-based AV PROTECTION, but I think that would be boon for hackers to disrupt the net connection. Furthermore, FSPM currently cannot cache client's Cloud / OSRP requests and tht is a showstopper for sizable corporate customers.


    Kind regards: Tamas Feher from Hungary.

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