Mobile Anti-Theft: Software flashing


Hi there, I just read about your great (promising) product but I have a doubt. 


Let's say my cell phone gets stolen with your Anti-Theft soft installed. I can lock it and get notified when the SIM card is changed. All that works only, if the software is running.

What happens, if the thief is flashing a new OS to my phone before turning it on. 

I'm using an android phone and I flashed a new software every now and then, with ODIN and with CWM (ClockWorkMod).


So the question is, will I still be able to use those funcions at least after flashing with CWM (my CWM stays although I flash a new version I think).


  • keiooz
    keiooz Posts: 32 Observer

    I am also thinking. What if the theif resets or hacked the phone. Does the Anti-Theft still works? image

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