Internet Security 2012 states that license is expired even though license should still be valid

Siltanen Posts: 61 F-Secure Employee

We've received a few reports from Windows XP users about a problem where Internet Security 2012 states that the license has expired even though the license should be valid still.


We have made an easy tool to fix the issue.

1. Download RestoreOperatorId.exe tool from: our customer FTP.
2. Run the tool on the problematic computer.
3. Reboot computer.
4. Check for updates by right clicking the F-Secure systray icon (near the windows clock) and by clicking "Check updates".
5. Once updates are downloaded, reboot the computer.



And for those who are interested; MD5 checksum for RestoreOperatorId.exe is: be2555bb171abecbacbd27b281a78581


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