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How about being about to contact F-secure when you have a problem?  From 8.30 am this morning I have been being disconnected by live chat - every 10 minutes.


I have tried your premium rate 0870 number - but after 2 minutes of having someone explain to me that the world isn't flat - without actually telling me what I am paying for the call - I hung up.  AFAIK it is illegal in the UK to run a premium rate phone number without telling people how long the call will last and what they are being charged.


so - 24-7 contact - but I am now 4 hours into trying to contact you without taking out a bank  loan to do so.  I have used F-secure since 2005 and never had this problem before.  I am seriiously annoyed.


I used to be able to easily "allow" a website that I know is safe - but that feature disappeared - and I can no longer do so.


 I sell on ebay and need to be on it all day every day - this morning I woke up to find F-secure's firewall blocking it - and no way to get onto it without switching the firewall off.


To say I am seriously annoyed is an understatement - I am an active user of ebay forums and have always praised F-secure in the past - because in the past I could get through if I had a problem.


It seems not any more.


Very very annoyed.




  • [Deleted User]
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    Hello fish_in_a_hat,


    Really sorry to hear you had a bad experience with our support. Please be assured that we always do our best to provide the best service and support to our clients.

    I also moved your post to the most relevent board.


    You should be able to allow a website,on IS2012, launching Online Safety through the launch pad. Then in the Tasks part choose,"Web site restrictions" where you can allow or restrict any site you wish to.

  • keiooz
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    I agree. I may not encounter it everyday, but I had received a bad customer service like 4-5 times already. I guess F-Secure outsourcing should do something about it. image

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