F-Secure stopped then a problem appeared




I want to tell what happened before the problem exists:


This morning F secure IS 2012 suddenly closed.Later I understand that Launchpad updates itself.After installing it's update it asked me to restart computer and I did.After restarting my laptop, F secure didn't showed on launchpad menu for 15-20 min and f secure didn't seem on task manager just launchpad exe's running(by the way I restarted computer several times in case there is a problem). I don't know why IS 2012 and its firewall closed  for a while.Then it asked me to restart again and later it started to work.


But every records, statics(how much files scanned etc.) and my firewall options was resetted like I installed it new.I can't understand why this happened.


Anyway I just realized that when I right click a file to scan it.Menu text doesn't show but it scans.Image: http://s16.postimage.org/ajp7nijf9/image.png


How can I fix this?My computer infected?

Is it better to uninstall it and install again to make sure?





  • tetrapackage
    tetrapackage Posts: 12 Observer

    Have your system run in safe mode and see if it makes any difference. If so, try not to update the launch pad if possible.image

  • Berk
    Berk Posts: 12

    I think when updating or installing, a problem may happened because of my slow connection.My ISP is capping my speed(1mbps) and I was using bittorrent while it was trying to update itself.

    Today, I uninstalled and reinstalled F secure.Everything is fine now.

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