Rescue Disc False Positive?


A few weeks ago I ran the Rescue Disc and it found one malware inside the "sda3/$Recycle.Bin/.....".

Today I ran it again and it found one malware in the "sda3/$Recycle.Bin/...". Nothing else was found. 


I use CCleaner to shredder files, which can be started over the rightclick menu. Could it be that the malware is just a false positive? How could I check that?


I use Windows 7 64Bit.  


  • tetrapackage
    tetrapackage Posts: 12 Observer

    Do you have any option to either remove it or be quaratined? Are there any files inside your Recycle Bin? Try to remove it if there is. image

  • Kashrlyyk
    Kashrlyyk Posts: 12 New Member

    I was something in the admin accounts recycle bin. I shreddered it and F-Secure, Spybot and Malwarebytes couldn't find anything afterwards. 


    Still not sure if it was a real malware. 

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