fssm32.exe using all CPU


Using IS2011.


FSSM32.exe is using all the cpu and a chunk of memory. This is after a scheduled scan which I start at 5am but never appears to finish. When I restart the machine everything is fine until the next day when the scheduled scan starts again.

Any ideas?


  • Hexo
    Hexo Posts: 240 Active Engager

    Hey, i haven´t a solution for your problem (and i haven´t got this problem), but i have a question to you...

    Why you are scanning your system each day?
    This is not nesessary. Normaly you need no Fullscan (maybe on time in a month). If you open a programm or something else, F-Secure check this programm or data with the latest signature.


    What kind of OS you have?




  • Dezza
    Dezza Posts: 4

    Thanks for your advice. I would still like to run the sheduled scan every morningif possible. I am running XP Pro.

  • suntattood
    suntattood Posts: 6 Observer

    Why not scan your system once a week which works mostly for everyone. That should do the trick. image

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