quarantine problem

I'm not able to add manually files to quarantine. Seems that there is no option to do that from GUI...




  • JaniashviliJaniashvili Posts: 469
    Open settings of "Computer Security", in "Virus and spyware scanning" are 3 links, first of them is exclude list.

    or, you want to add healthy files to quarantine?..
  • yaslawyaslaw Posts: 28

    I want to add files that I belive is malicious but not detected by f-secure to quarantine.

  • JaniashviliJaniashvili Posts: 469
    strange thing you want...

    add your idea to "Idea" board, it sounds really interesting actually.

    if you believe some files are malicious - upload it to analysis.f-secure.com, they'll re-check if it is malicious, or not
  • yaslawyaslaw Posts: 28

    It should be a option to send files to analysis directly  from quarantine.

  • JaniashviliJaniashvili Posts: 469
    no, it should not be there(except if it will be as you said).

    that's because only tech savvy users will go to analysis.f-secure.com and upload files which they think is malicious;
    otherwise, every user would send hundreds of for them suspicious files to FS labs. That's why it is not added there.

    But, I'm sure somewhere in their products should be direct "send" button, in hardly-to-find place.
  • Why do you want to add malicious files? Even if you think your AV can detect and fix it, it will still have a risk of having your system penetrated. image

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