Very poor auto-protection in F-Secure 2013 beta



I noticed that, unfortunately, processes F-Secure 2013 beta can be easily killed using task manager (System manager and Process Explorer). This is a very big mistake.

I talked with F-Secure 2012 user and he said that this version is resistant to killing processes. DeepGuard warns about manipulating processes.  In version 2013 DeepGuard is sitting quietly.





  • yaslaw
    yaslaw Posts: 28 Observer

    I can confirm what was described above. 

    2012 seems to be more resistant to terminate than TP. 

  • Janiashvili
    Janiashvili Posts: 454 Adventurer
    maybe, that's because it's TP and should be so for some reasons?..

    But it's due to some stability improving reasons
  • tetrapackage
    tetrapackage Posts: 12 Observer

    I guess we just have to wait for the F-Secure 2013 version to be released in full and see if this problem will stay. image

  • patet
    patet Posts: 57 Explorer
  • I filed a bug report on this issue. The answer I received was that this will be fixed for the termination of services by malware. They also said that if you run as administrator you can terminate the processes through the task manager.
  • pianista47
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    Actually, malware know as FakeAV Security Shield, totally kills F-Secure 2013 Beta, so there is not any improve...
  • yaslaw
    yaslaw Posts: 28 Observer

    Despite explanation from f-secure that any software that can operate under admin account is able to disable any protection, most others companies put much more effort to put stronger security measures for their products.

    I don't really understand where problem lies, and why f-secure actively is trying  "no to do anything" to change that situation. Simply this is HUGE disadvantage of this product, and real use scenario clearly shows that even older malware can bypass and kill f-secure.

    Here is on of the example (you can use Google to translate it from polish to english - but you can clearly see how even not very modern malware can kill  f-secure


  • pianista47
    pianista47 Posts: 42 Enthusiast

    Cześć yaslaw, tu KaMiL :)


    Fortunately, I think I convinced F-Securethat this problem should be solved. Support assured me that the  Self-Defense will be improved. 

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