Rescue CD 3.14 build 44905 does not permit offline definition update from USB drive


Yesterday I attempted to perform a malware scan using F-secure Rescue CD 3.14. The affected machine was a notebook about 5 years old and my guess is that it has 1GB of RAM or less.  The internet connection we have is a USB 3G modem which meant that machines could not be connected to the internet when the F-secure live Rescue CD was running.


An offline malware definition update was attempted and the Rescue CD User's Guide linked below was carefully followed.


Rescue CD 3.14 build 44905 ISO file was downloaded directly from the F-secure website and burnt to CD.


A package of current virus definitions was downloaded using the following link:


Unfortunately, when the affected notebook was booted from the Rescue CD for some reason it could not find the file that had been saved to the USB drive. The live CD boot process would hang and the following message was displayed:


Please make sure you have access to the internet.

Either plug in your network cable or make sure you have wireless enabled.




Two empty and formatted USB drives were tried, one of 1GB capacity and the other of 2GB. The folder path fsecure\rescuecd was added to the USB drives but it made no difference.


An announcement from Peter on 05-10-2011:

states that the then new Rescue CD 3.14 had support for systems with 512 MB of RAM.


In this forum threadt from 27-07-2011:

Siltanen states that Rescue CD won't update from USB drives on systems with less than 2GB of RAM.


Is Rescue CD 3.4 44905 capable accepting of offline malware definition updates on machines with less than 2GB RAM?


Is there an alternative method to that described in the Rescue CD User's Guide to force the Rescue CD to accept definition updates offline?


Can F-secure Rescue CD be turned into a bootable USB drive that will work reliably? Can such a bootable Rescue USB accept definitions offline?






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    If it is possible to copy all files on your rescue CD to your main drive, then run it from there, that would be great. I just hope it works.  image

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