Community Knowledge Base launched

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Community Knowledge Base launched

Some of you might have already noticed that we have taken the Community Knowledge Base feature in use in our community. A knowledge base (KB) is a collection of articles that captures and organizes helpful information that exists throughout the community.

These are some of the features that make a KB a great community resource:

- You can search for KB articles or use special navigation links that let you browse through the community's KBs.
- Once you find an article you want to read, you can add your comments about the article. If the article's publisher incorporates your comment into a later version of the article, you'll get credit as a contributor.
- Each article contains lists of contributors and related links.

How can I view a KB article?

There are a number of ways you can view a KB article:

1. To go to the KB for a board or forum:
    Click the book icon next to the forum name on the community page.
    From there, you can browse the list of articles and choose one to read.

2. To search for a KB article:
    Enter a search keyword and choose Knowledge Base in the list to the left of the Search button.
    From there, you can use search results filters to zero in on the article you're looking for.

3. To go to an article related to a post:
    Click the KB links at the top of the article.
    You might find links to articles based on the post, links to articles related to the post, or both.

We hope that you find the KB articles useful and your feedback is always welcome.


Regards from ElseH

The Community Manager


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