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Hi, I've Got An Email That Got A Message Like This...


This E-mail is to inform you that your F-Secure user account has been updated.
Please contact Community Support if you did not make these changes.


But, I Didn't Change Anything For My Beta F-Secure Account.

What Could This Be Saying ?

Could You Please Help Me To Check It Out ?

Thank You.


  • [Deleted User]
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    This message is generated always when you update your personal settings on portal. If you did not do this change, I would highly recommend to change your password to make sure your account is not compromised.

  • nimbystripes
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    I would also like to add that it would be better to change your password every once in a while just to add security to your account. image

  • mirrowman
    mirrowman Posts: 3


    But I Didn't Update Anything Of My Account .

    What Can I Do Now ? Every Of My Beta-Account Run Error For My Reset.

    Only Change My Password, Than What Can I Do ?

    Could You Please Tell Me ? Thank You.

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