AppStore safety ?


I think I have discovered an interesting case on iPod touch which was detected by the F-secure internet security on a PC in the LAN. I have not been able to find similar reports in the web and I am wondering if this is a new finding or a false positive.


I did report this first in the mobile-group but maybe this is the correct forum ?


My son has an iPod touch which has once been jailbreaked but upgraded to normal state (DFU) since then. The following applications have been downloaded from the AppStore using the iTunes sw: 

Impossible game + maps








What was observed was port scanning "Syn Fin scan"  by the iPod touch inside my local network. This was detected by the F-secure running on a PC. The source port was 56521 and the local port 1119.


Is there any other incidences like this ? I tried to report to Apple without a success. I first called our local technical support who did not understand the problem and forwarded me to AppStore support who asked me to contat Apple technical support ...




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    That would actually depends what type of AV you have in your system. Others are very sensitive with other files and apps, others just ignore it. image

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