Taskbar Icon doesn't change in 2012 IS beta


On previous versions if you had turn of your security, or protection , the taskbar icon by the clock would change to let you know it was disabled.  I also notice that there is no unload feature, in the case F-Secure IS 2012 had a problem or had become corrupted, you could unload, and then uninstall f-secure and then reboot and reinstall.  Not seeing these features.


  • oldsow
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    Let me put it another way.  I have a taskbar icon by the clock in WIN 7 x64.   I like ith there but also like to tell me if have have turned off my protection< with a change icon like it did in 2011 IS.  I have turned mine off ot load certain software and forgot to turn real time protection back on.  The taskbar icon would show this reflection, and i would see it and turn it back on.


    Right now F-secure 2012 beta's modules are scattered all over the place.  I was much easier to navigate in 2011 IS.


    If anyone one agrees with me on this , please leave a reply.  I know it's not done yet, but we are supposed to report on the

    GUI, and Errors and modules not working correctly.  I'm telling ya the GUI of 2012 IS beta needs an overhaul the way it stands.

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    "The task bar icon does not reflect these statuses because it's more generic and covers both Computer Security and Online Safety. Also, Windows 7 by default does not show the task bar icon."


    I'ts not the solution. It is the probleme. Smiley Sad

    If there is no immediate feedback on the taskbar icon (or even worse: it is not shown), I won't know if the computer is in danger.

    I think it would be very important to change this

  • Nmousedk
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    Im in...


    If the icon on the taskbar could be F-Secure, so it´s not hidden, it would be nice, and the costumer cud see, that it is there, and protecting you...  Smiley Happy




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