Device is not present, not working or they are not all necessary drivers installed. (Code 24)

I send this to F-Secure support.

Felt sorry last time they said ,go to your internet provider.

I talk to them and said i understand that you can't help me.

You did not build the program.


Anyway ,here is my longtime problem.


F-Secure E-mail Scanning drives.
Yellow Trianglel in the Drivers that are not Plug and Play Type (Hidden Devices in Device Manager.

Device is not present, not working or they are not all necessary drivers installed. (Code 24)

Done all you can do.
How do I fix this, you have built your software .
Do not help anyone, because only you can help me.
Does Win7 64bit (admin), installed new Op.
For more info, ran sc query FSES in Command Prompt.
Got up this info, which I already knew.
But not how I solve it.

Service_Name: FSES 
      TYPE                                   : 1 Kernel_Driver
      STATE                                 : Stopped
      WIN32_EXIT_CODE        : 577 <0x241>
      SERVICE_EXIT_CODE   : 0  <0x0>
      CHECKPOINT                   : 0x0
      WAIT_HINT                        : 0x0


An idea to is that you fix your servers.

So when i do a new install becuse F-Secure bugging out.

I don't have to wait hours for my key to reset.


Best regards Jimmy



  • warriorfullight
    warriorfullight Posts: 23 Observer

    If it is not too hard for you to reset your whole system, that would work. That's what I did before, though I don't have important files and programs before so that works for me pretty good.  image

  • Attila
    Attila Posts: 3

    Hi Warriorfulllight,


    I just try that today m8.

    Sometimes it work as you say.

    But the problem comes back.


    And done many times ,since i start to build pc in the early -90.


    I mean not only F-Secure.

    They did not exist then ,no internet either hehe.


    Now i insall F-secure right over the one i had.

    I don't do this usually,but i did a try and see what happens.


    And now it work ,but i know it will only work for some time.

    Been there before ,im sorry to say.

    This is strange and anoing.


    Also F-Secure don't do it's jobb.

    This is scary ,becuse i know i don't have any virus on my pc.

    Just did a new reset ,and i use Vpn under F-Secure insall.

    So i can get new updates and the rest.

    Also so the program check my key ,and let me continue the install.


    Sorry for the post is not good looking ,and for my English.

    Im a Swede Smiley Wink


    Can cut in what i wright to a Support man at F-secure today.



    From my loggbook


    Admin events's




        - Provider

          [ Name] Microsoft-Windows-User Profiles Service
          [ Guid] {89B1E9F0-5AFF-44A6-9B44-0A07A7CE5845}
          EventID 1530
          Version 0
          Level 3
          Task 0
          Opcode 0
          Keywords 0x8000000000000000
        - TimeCreated

          [ SystemTime] 2012-05-30T05:48:56.968161400Z
          EventRecordID 2696
        - Correlation

          [ ActivityID] {02EC8A70-F800-0006-C57B-37C7123ECD01}
        - Execution

          [ ProcessID] 908
          [ ThreadID] 6008
          Channel Application
          Computer Jimmy-Dator
        - Security

          [ UserID] S-1-5-18

    - EventData


        Detail 1 user registry handles leaked from \Registry\User\S-1-5-21-935528163-49768153-2647476095-1000_Classes: Process 2648 (\Device\HarddiskVolume1\Program Files (x86)\Bahnhof Internet Security\Common\FSHDLL32.EXE) has opened key \REGISTRY\USER\S-1-5-21-935528163-49768153-2647476095-1000_CLASSES


    I put my firewall to high now ,and i even use a Vpn.

    That make me anonym to other ,but still this happes.


    F-Secure software don't do it's job ,the program itself let (excuse my for my english now)

    Let bastards get in to my pc ,and my wife to.


    Find them hidden and see them some User on eatch of our 3 PC.

    We got same F-Secure ,3 license.


    But non of us pc is connected to eatch other.

    So this is strange, this F-Secure software.


    I work with Security to.

    But a Gun or telescopic baton ,or 25 year in Muay Thai don't help me here hehe.

    Wish it would hehe.


    Just a little frustrated of all this.

    So F-Secure do the opposite ,the program let others in.


    And the only way i can stop it ,is to unplug the internet cable.


    A little unpleasant when the firewall lets through this.
    I can't not stop this User.

    Not in the F-Secure or security software installed on W7 64bit.

    I mean now the security rights in W7 ,don't have any other virus or firewall installed.

    That could make conflict and buggy ,make a hole mess.

    Because I can not type in the numbers, that will have make access to blabla.
    For the profile is not there ,where i choose Admin for example.
    No surprise, but it's annoying, and uncomfortable as I said.
    You can this and are working on F-Secure, you can help me.
    For it's uncomfortable to see it, and remove this Usern's out Characteristics /User / Security (C: \ Users (example).

    Edit: to you Warrior ,did not wright so it was obvious that it was for you.


    Thanks for your replay and interest.

    If you know more ,please help me.


    Im good at Pc ,but most at building them and hardware error fixing.

    But i don't know everything ,just say that so my post don't will be taken so.


    The tech go so fast ,and the little coward learning as fast to...the little bugger..


    Im learning new things almost everyday ,and i don't think there is one person in the hole world.

    Who can say in a ignorant way ,i know it all.

    Bow to me and let me rule hehe.


    Little pig little pig ,let me in.

    No ,we can't...

    Then i huff and puff ,and i blow your house in....ah im just tired.


    The F-Secure has make me do 3 reset this week.
    Sight...but still i know they are one of the best.
    I have try alot of firewall's.


    Regards Jimmy

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