F-Secure E-mail Scanning drives ,and i post this some an Idea to get som help from F-Secure.

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I send this to F-Secure support.

Felt sorry last time they said ,go to your internet provider.

I talk to them and said i understand that you can't help me.

You did not build the program.


Anyway ,here is my longtime problem.


F-Secure E-mail Scanning drives.
Yellow Trianglel in the Drivers that are not Plug and Play Type (Hidden Devices in Device Manager.

Device is not present, not working or they are not all necessary drivers installed. (Code 24)

Done all you can do.
How do I fix this, you have built your software .
Do not help anyone, because only you can help me.
Does Win7 64bit (admin), installed new Op.
For more info, ran sc query FSES in Command Prompt.
Got up this info, which I already knew.
But not how I solve it.

Service_Name: FSES 
      TYPE                                   : 1 Kernel_Driver
      STATE                                 : Stopped
      WIN32_EXIT_CODE        : 577 <0x241>
      SERVICE_EXIT_CODE   : 0  <0x0>
      CHECKPOINT                   : 0x0
      WAIT_HINT                        : 0x0


An idea to is that you fix your servers.

So when i do a new install becuse F-Secure bugging out.

I don't have to wait hours for my key to reset.


Best regards Jimmy

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  • Sami_Visti
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    Hi Attila,


    Thanks for posting your comment on our Idea Exchange. If I understood correctly, you are using a security solution from one of our operator partners. If that’ the case, you should contact them. Their help desk will investigate the issue initially and escalate it to our operator partner support if needed.


    If you are using F-Secure Internet Security, please contact our support directly at http://www.f-secure.com/en/web/home_global/support/contact.





  • Sami_Visti
    Sami_Visti Posts: 56 Former F-Secure Employee
  • Jaims
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    Already offered as a feature in some business products.

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