Can F-secure Total find and remove pegasus

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Can F-secure Total find and remove pegasus if it was already on when installing F-secure Total?


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    Hello @amiga6 ,

    Thank you for reaching out to us on the F-Secure Community Portal regarding Pegasus spyware. We appreciate your concern and are here to provide you with detailed information.

    F-Secure does offer protection against Pegasus spyware. Our systems can identify different variants of this spyware based on the samples we have. While we can detect malicious URLs that are distributed, our capabilities for Android devices include detecting harmful APK files through various generic detection methods.

    However on iOS devices, due to the closed ecosystem, we do not have antivirus functionalities. Consequently, our focus for iOS is on detecting malicious links that might trick users into downloading the Pegasus package. The strict ecosystem of iOS control allows Apple to implement and enforce strict security measures, making it difficult for malware to infiltrate the system.

    It is important to understand that malware like Pegasus is usually deployed in highly targeted attacks. The download links for this spyware are often specifically customized for individual targets and used only once, making them particularly difficult to detect. We strongly recommend keeping your operating system updated to reduce vulnerability.

    You can learn more about mobile malware on our website:

    All in all, we advise users to remain cautious about unsolicited requests to install software or profiles and to keep their operating systems and applications regularly updated.

    I hope this has resolved your query. If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Best regards.