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I have been trying F-Secure Total in four of my devices for a week and I really like it. But, for a Brazilian customer like me, the price of your product is very expensive. Due to the unfavorable exchange rates (us$1,00 = r$5,50), charging European prices in South America makes buying your product impossible. Most of your competitors, (e.g. Norton, Kaspersky and Trend Micro) practice prices adjusted to the economic reality down here, with prices for their premium products (for a 2-year license/five devices) being, respectively, r$218, r$199, r$198. Unfortunately, if I want to stick to F-Secure, I'll be charged eu$179, which ends up being r$1.181,00 in the official website (more than five times what's charged by the competition). Even though I've tested two others and liked F-Secure better, without a change in pricing policy (or a deep discount coupon for me:), I'll let my trial period expire and, most likely, end up buying the Micro Trend suite. You should let the sales department aware of this price discrepancy in the Brazilian market, so they can eventually make adjustments or offer discounts in order to gain some market share in South America, for customers like me would be willing to pay double for a quality product like yours, but, as stated before, a five-fold price is prohibitive. Thanks for reading. (BTW, the employee that responded to my case number 444274 is the one who suggested I posted this here.)

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    Hello @marcarphd

    Thank you very much for your extensive commentary and outlining the problem. Your suggestions will definitely reach the marketing department. Every such voice is analyzed and ultimately has an impact on shaping our pricing policy.

    In the current situation, we would encourage you to look at the pricing of our products from a third-party reseller. Very often such vendors of our programs have favorable prices at the moment. Perhaps these prices will be more in line with your expectations.

    On the other hand, we would ask you to keep an eye on the prices on our website, because taking into account the feedback from our customers and due to various promotional actions, from time to time we sell our programs at very attractive prices.

    Thank you again for sharing your suggestion and we wish you safe surfing on the Internet.

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