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I typically have multiple sites open when I do my finances(bank, brokerage, HSA VENDOR, yahoo finance, etc). I get the banking open message continually. I add sites when requested but the warnings don’t stop Why?

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    On the PC, Banking Protection offers an elevated level of security. Once you have started an online banking session and Banking Protection mode has been activated, Banking Protection disconnects all untrusted applications from the Internet and prevents them from reconnecting while on a trusted banking site. Blocking connections prevents hijacking of your banking sessions keeping your money safe. You can also only access websites that are considered safe during a banking session, otherwise they get blocked.

    So if any website that is classified as a financial operations website is running even in the background then Banking Protection may block other websites that are not added to the secure websites.

    In this regard, please consider the following guidelines:

    1. Make sure there are no banking sites listed in the "Top Pages" or "Favorites" menu when opening a new tab on a browser. Browsers can cache the favorite and most visited websites in the background and if F-Secure Banking Protection detects a banking URL, it will be activated. Also make sure that there are no banking websites pinned to your browser.

    Here are instructions to manage the content of the New Tab page in different browsers:

    Mozilla Firefox:

    Google Chrome:

    Internet Explorer:

    2. It is possible that a site you visit contains ads related to banking sites which can cause the banking protection to trigger.

    3. Try clearing the history and cookies from your browser.

    I hope it will be helpful.

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