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Convey user improvement suggestions,
(Use Google to translate Chinese to English, please forgive me)
The following instructions provide an error response screen,
It is recommended to analyze the reasons for the immediate blocking, and to provide a protection warning and then directly display the button to choose whether to continue, so as to avoid interruption or rejection of the transaction connection.

Hello, I would like Reaction Safe TOTAL product recommendations
When I make a credit card transaction,
Normally, a green frame will appear on the window for protection.
However, in Figure 1, the window option "Bank Protection Enabled" will appear.
After selecting OK, after completing inputting the card number, press Confirm.
However, the secure connection failure webpage in Figure 2 appears (transaction failed).

I have communicated with the technician who called me.
However, I feel that this design is not intuitive enough.
It also defeats the purpose of installing anti-virus protection software.
Since a green box will appear, it means that the software knows that this is a web page related to banking and finance.
The current original factory settings are as shown in the attached picture 1, "I clicked "Confirm".
He loses his protective function and cannot trade.
If I press "End", the protection function will be lost before I can trade. "
Very counter-intuitive way of operating,
If I want to accept protection, just click "OK" directly.
The software should directly enter the protection state and conduct transactions smoothly.
Instead of removing the protection, it will be more intuitive and convenient to use.

Did you mention that you want to add the URL to the safe list?
After all, there are quite a lot of websites that I consume on a daily basis.
Each company’s trading system is also different.
In this way, every time one appears, one will be listed.
In fact, let us directly click "OK" on the attached picture 1,
Just trade directly under protection.

Please report this situation to the head office again.
This further improves user convenience and protection.

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