F-Secure 19.7 (build 62236) critical problem

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F-Secure OSX update 19.7 causes problem with password generator.

It's impossible to open password tool (password not recognize) and we can't force to import QRCode (option not found in this release).

This problem est the same on 2 MacBoook 2023 and 1 Mac-Mini 2024.

When coud you to fix this critical bug?


Thanks for your help


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    Hello @Mixyn

    Thank you for your post and for contacting us through this channel.

    The problem you mention occurred in French language versions. It has already been diagnosed and a solution has been developed and is in the testing phase.

    According to the R&D department, the fix will be published this week in the version 19.7 update.

    As a temporary workaround you can change the language to English (or any language other than French)

    To avoid changing the language for the entire system, this can be done on a per-app basis by going to System Settings → General → Language & Region → Applications and adding the F-Secure app there (app restart is required for the settings to take effect).

    I hope this information will be helpful.

    Best regards.


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