Password vault missing from Android F-secure Total app

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My kids phone still had the old id protection installed along with the new F-secure Total Security.

Today I finally had the time to help her to switch away from the id protection to use the password vault in the F-secure Total app. The problem is that no matter what I do, the password vault is not visible in Total. It is missing completely.

I have tried to uninstall both apps and reinstall F-secure Total but no password vault visible.

I have tried removing license from the phone and then back again but no password vault.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app and created her as a another child with different name but no password vault.

Finally as a last effort trick, I reset the phone to factory defaults and then reinstalled Total but still no password vault!

In all cases all I can see are the perhesäännöt ("Family rules"), laitteen suojaus ("device protection"), VPN-yksityisyys ("VPN-privacy") and huijausturva ("WiFi protection?").

  • I have a valid total subscription till 2026 and available licenses.
  • The phone is Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G with Android 14
  • The F-secure application version after the last total phone reinstallation is 23.0.8527534
  • Login information/passwords are stored now temporarily elsewhere and no need to sync with her old password database.

How do I proceed? This is a really annoying problem and I have spent hours today fiddling with this.


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    Hello @NoUseForAName

    Thank you for your post and detailed description of the situation.
    I consulted the developers of the program on this issue and was informed that in Total in mode with Family Rules the password vault is not available.
    I am very sorry if this has caused inconvenience in using the program.

    Best regards


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  • NoUseForAName
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    Thank you for clearing this out. I do find it a show stopper for removing features that were already in use and a valid reason for not renewing my license in the future.