Protected traffic and blocked sites - same figures for at least a year

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My Freedome has shown for months and months, perhaps a year or more, that "protected traffic" is 7,1 Tt, "blocked malicious sites" (translating from Finnish) 1774, and "blocked follow-up attempts" 2486. Why do the figures not change at all?

In order to watch or listen to the YLE broadcast services online, I have to disable Freedome - and sometimes I forget to enable it for even days. But not for so long that the figures need to remain those - as it seems - permanently! Anyone any ideas why this is so - and does it mean that protection isn't happening at all - or is happening regardless of the figures? Thanks.


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    Forgot to say that my subscription runs out in 3 days - is this worth renewing again??

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    Hello @Tiavi

    Thank you for your post and contacting us through our forum.

    From your description, it seems that you are using a standalone version of Freedome. This version blocks tracking attempts from sites with HTTP URLs. This is one of the reasons why we recommend switching to the new F-Secure app, which includes VPN and tracking protection also for URLs with HTTPS.

    If you have already 7,1 Terabytes transferred, also traffic counter increases very slowly as you need to send/receive 100 Gigabytes of traffic before it increases to 7,2.

    In addition, to make sure that the protection actually works you can check for example with F‑Secure IP Checker — Check your IP address and location | F‑Secure ( the IP address is different when VPN is on or off to prove that traffic goes through the VPN tunnel when VPN is connected.

    I hope that it will be helpful.

    Best regards


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