Tracking Protection blocking stream or working as it should?

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I've been using some live video streaming services (non-georestricted) with Freedome activated for years without any problems. Now with this new Total VPN the stream won't start if the Tracking Protection in the VPN is enabled. This happens both on Mac (tested on Safari and Firefox) and Windows (Firefox). This was never the case with Freedome. I'm aware that the stream service provider might have done some changes at their end but since this so coincided with the switch from Freedome to Total VPN, I thought I'd bring this up.


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    Hello @Larynx

    Thank you for your post and raising an important issue.

    There is indeed a difference in the functioning of Tracking Protection between FREEDOME and Total VPN.

    Total has Tracking Protection for HTTPS as well, while Freedome had tracking protection only for HTTP. In your case, it looks like the streaming service requires tracking to work before it provides any content. 

    I hope it will be helpful.

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