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A few days back, I had to lock my cellphone remotely as it was taken by someone.


F-Secure Anti-Theft worked great and a few more ideas struck in my mind that can be implemented in the next version:


1. Remotely Change profile.

I wanted to change from General to Meeting mode so that the person couldn't hear any incoming calls.


2. Remotely set/cancel Call Forwarding.

so that all calls could be forwarded to your desired number.


3. Remote backup would also be great.


if you guys have any more ideas, do share them.

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    Hi peacelover,


    Thank you  for your ideas and suggestion.


    Could you please repost them also under the "Idea exchange" board. As it seems the more adequate place for them to be.


    Thank you

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    I will definitely give this a +1.  image

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    Hi Peacelover, Thanks a lot for your ideas. I will record your ideas 1 & 2 as potential future development ideas which we will need to take a closer look at. F-Secure already has mobile backup solution available through some operators/service providers. Timo
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    Many operators provide fowarding/redirection of calls either by using the Mailbox or an online portal


    Profiles: I would rather like to turn the profile to MAXimum /Outside remotely so that I have a chance to find it in a pile of whatever just by giving it a ring.


    remote backup takes a lot of time and power. You should not need to backup AFTER you lost the phone.

    Backup should be done earlier. If the phone got stolen you would rather start wiping it before the thief turns it off.


    My Idea for wiping: do the wiping in three steps: Overwrite the fiirst 512 bytes of all files first, then delete the files, finally do a full zero-out of the volume. Step one would render most files useless very fast, step two hides them from an average user and step three takes a lot of time but makes it safe.



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