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Just to let you guys know: If F-Secure does not do an app client for linux in the near future, then I will strongly consider of switching to another security/VPN app which do have support for linux.

btw what is the reason for F-Secure to not make a linux app? Anyone know?

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  • Ukko
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    btw what is the reason for F-Secure to not make a linux app? Anyone know?

    I think there are a lot of minor circumstances. And perhaps they needed to change too much in the design of existing solutions/technologies for implementing this or that functionality. If this is done with some degree of compatibility with the current infrastructure, legal matters and so things.

    Since WithSecure (most likely) has some solutions, agents or options for Linux users, speaking about F-Secure home users:

    • a linux app for plain Linux?

    for all possible distro? including support for some local distros and for specific (for some area) distros? Or just some of the most popular ones?

    • should this be a paid or non-paid solution? included in the general subscription of paid solution?

    then, having an “unknown” number of users, there remains a need to test on all possible (and very different) settings. This is difficult even for supported Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android.

    most likely, allowing yourself to spend resources on this is not an easy decision. If you don't have enough resources yet.

    however, is your feature request more about VPN? Or about a comprehensive security solution (like F-Secure Total app for Windows)?

    I am pretty sure that if they find a way to do it beautifully, they will implement it.