Problem with the GUI of ID protection password vault

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After some upgrade the GUI of the password vault has become painful.
When I i scroll down the list of passwords the details of the selected password moves up and out of the view.
So first I have to select the password and then find the exact spot where to scroll back to the top to find the details.
I would no have to do that if the browser extension accepted the code to enable autofill.

In the screenshot I have selected F-Secure total 2023 and the details for that entry are hidden above screen. Secondly there does not appear to be any vertical scroll bar, but you can still scroll up to the details.

How do I get the details displayed in the visible area?


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    Hello @martink

    Thank you for sharing this problem that occurred on your device.

    Have you tried reinstalling the program?
    If so and after reinstallation the problem still persists, please tell us which version of your operating system and which beta version of our program you have installed.
    Also collect diagnostic data and send it to me in a private message on the forum please. Do not share diagnostic data in a public post.
    We will try to find the cause of the problem and a solution.

    Best regards.


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  • martink
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