F-secure total VPN is stuck "Loading... Please wait."

Ananymous7611 Posts: 1 New Member

I have a problem with F-secure VPN because it is loading in the home screen. I have waited for 30minutes and nothing happen. I have Windows 11 22H2 version. I have tried reinstall F-secure but it did not work. So can someone help me?

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  • PawełP
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    Hello @Ananymous7611

    Welcome warmly to our forum and thank you for your post.
    Regarding the problem that has appeared with you, first of all, please check whether you have another VPN program running. Maybe, for example, you still have F-Secure Freedome program installed on this device.
    If you don't have any other VPN programs, please also check if the connection can be established after changing the location in the VPN settings.

    Should you still have a problem launching the VPN then we will need diagnostic data from our program to find the reason why VPN startup is not possible. Just in case, in a private message I will send you instructions on how you can download the diagnostic data.

    Let us know what the situation is.

    Best regards.


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