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what can I do to get Aidrop and AppleCarplay to work without switching off the VPN? iOS 17.4.1

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    In order to help you better, please provide the following information:

    1. The version number of F-Secure Total on your device.
    2. Do you connect to CarPlay wired or wirelessly?
    3. What location are you connected to using VPN?

    Using a VPN while connected to CarPlay can sometimes cause interference. CarPlay relies on certain protocols to communicate with your car's entertainment system, and using a VPN may interfere with these protocols. VPNs also mask or alter your IP address, which CarPlay uses to authenticate your car's system. If a VPN changes your IP address, it can prevent CarPlay from connecting or cause frequent outages.

    You can find a discussion about VPN and CarPlay in the Apple Support community here: .

    To troubleshoot the issue, you can consider tweaking VPN protocols or disabling tracking prevention.

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    Another suggestion would be to turn off the Private Relay feature on the iOS device. You can check the instructions at this link: Protect your web browsing with iCloud Private Relay on iPhone - Apple Support (GU).

    Please let me know if you need further assistance or have any further questions.

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