F-Secure Total app isn't allowing me to select "I'm an existing user"

ApplePie____ Posts: 1 New Member

So I was trying to switch from ID Protection to the Password Vault in F-Secure Total this worked well on my PC but on my iPhone the F-Secure Total App isn't allowing me to select "I'm an existing user" which means that I can't switch from ID Protection on my iPhone


  • CarolinaC
    CarolinaC Posts: 98 Moderator

    Hello @ApplePie____ ,

    thank you for contacting us here on F-Secure Community Portal.

    When attempting to set up the vault on your mobile device, are you only presented with the option to configure it as a new user from the beginning?

    If this is the case, I suggest you remove the F-Secure App from your iPhone and then reinstall it. Reinstalling the app often resolves many of the issues you may be experiencing.

    After reinstalling, please log in to the app and try to set up the vault again. Please also remember to check for updates for your device to ensure the app can work properly.

    Please let me know if you continue to have problems or if there are any other questions we I assist you with.

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

    Best regards.