VPN not working when computer is connected to BT broadband

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When the computer is connected to BT broadband and the F-Secure VPN is switched on I cannot access many websites including BT Email, Gmail, Bank, Building Society, NHS, BT Weather, National Rail, UK.Gov

The same problem also occurred with Freedome, I uninstalled Freedome this week and I am now using the new VPN software. I have to switch off the VPN to get these websites, but if I am connected to another ISP broadband (Sky for example) I can access all those websites easily with the VPN switched on.

Does anyone know why this is happening, BT have been contacted and they said the problem is with F-Secure and not them, but this can’t be right if the VPN works alright with another ISP can it?

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    Hello @CottamComputers

    We welcome you to our forum and thank you for your post.
    The situation you described is very interesting. We would like to investigate it further and determine the reason why certain pages do not open when you use BT broadband.
    However, we will need additional data to investigate the matter thoroughly.
    I will contact you soon in a private message on our forum, and describe how you can collect additional diagnostic data.
    Thanks again for raising this issue.

    Best Regards


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    I got similar problem but only on the Swedish Freedome/F-Secure VPN Server. I also think it has to do with DNS/ISP becouse when using diffrent ISP on phone works but not on PC.

    It has not to do with what website its like 90% not working. I think it has to do with DNS and ISP combination. And beocuse i live in Sweden and use Swedish ISP.

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