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hi all

can you please make a version for android tv for the new app?



  • siramic
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    Hi @genc,

    Soon, we will only have the one version, the VPN included in the F-Secure Total app itself. Are you maybe wondering about it being compatible, or an option setting making it compatible with Android TV, if so, I'm not sure how that's done or can be done in the Total version. Maybe someone else is, and can help us both?


  • genc
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    yeah hopefully they'er not leaving us out

    i'll say bye bye to my 500 days left …..

  • PawełP
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    Hello @genc & @siramic

    Thank you very much for your comments. I think this is how you express the feelings of many Android TV users.
    The idea of making the F-Secure Total app work on Android TV devices is included in our development plans especially now when the Freedome app will soon cease to be supported.
    At this point, however, we are unable to give specific dates. All that remains is for us to be patient.
    On the other hand, without a doubt, such voices of the users of our programs contribute to setting new goals and directions for development. Thank you very much for them.

    Best regards.


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