F-Secure high cpu usage

Lucius Posts: 2 New Member

I've had this issue for a while now, but my F-secure takes up ALOT of my cpu, a solid half at resting whenever i start up, and up to 80% if i try and force shut down the task in my task manager
does anyone know why this is happening?

everything is up to date


  • Lucius
    Lucius Posts: 2 New Member

    note, it is not an automated scan. those are disabled, and have been since installation god knows how long ago

  • siramic
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    Hi @Lucius

    So far, I have not had that one happen to me. At one time I had Total on 4 PC's, and didn't have a high cpu issue. Sometimes, the WithSecure plugin hosting service can take up a bit of RAM, but it tends to settle down.

    On my Windows 10 PC, the cpu will fluctuate, but not say high for very long, maybe for about 2-3 seconds. It was at 9% before it dropped down to zero, then 4.2% then it will go to 0% again.

    Maybe get ahold of support, so they could read a fsdiag log file? Or, try uninstalling and reinstalling it?


  • CarolinaC
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    Hello @Lucius ,

    Thank you for reaching out to us on the F-Secure Community Portal.

    First, could you please try reinstalling the program as a troubleshooting step for this issue? To ensure a complete reinstallation, please use our uninstallation tool to remove all traces of F-Secure from your PC. The file can be downloaded from this website: https://www.f-secure.com/en/support/tools

    If the same issue persists after reinstallation, please create a diagnostic file. I will then forward it to our technical department for further investigation.

    Regarding the diagnostic file, I have sent you a private message with detailed instructions.

    I am looking forward to hearing from you.

    Best regards!