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No problems with the migration however one issue I have is that with the old version on mobile, I never had to put in my master password every time I opened the app. Now I have to put it in every time! This is a real pain as I use this app 100 times a day. My master password is very long and half the time I cant even remember it if I'm in a hurry! I get that it's a security feature but on mobile, my phone locks automatically and I also have eset app lock security. I don't need or want the ID Protection app to automatically lock on mobile every time I use it!

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    Can you try to adjust or check what is now in Password Vault's settings?

    Online Guide here:

    says that it is possible to set the time after which Password Vault locks itself, go to Password Vault settings > Lock automatically after, and select the time. The options are immediately, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 10 hours, and 1 week.

    then, it should be unlocked for a chosen time. But don't know about restart device impact or any 'battery savers' options.


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