f-secure total crashing with MacOS Sonoma 14.4.1

Hontsu Posts: 1 New Member

I just downloaded the latest f-secure app to my Macbook. It keeps crashing all the time shortly after start. Any idea?

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  • CarolinaC
    CarolinaC Posts: 98 Moderator
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    Hello @Hontsu ,

    Thank you for contacting us here on the F-Secure Community Portal.

    Do you get an error message when trying to install the program? Please also make sure that your operating system is up to date. If you are using an older MacOS version than MacOS 12 Monterey, please note that it is not supported and therefore the program cannot be installed on the devices.
    If your device has all the required updates, please check if there are any other F-Secure files on your device that could block the installation. Please use the uninstall tool for Mac to delete F-Secure. You can download the tool from this website: https://www.f-secure.com/en/support/tools

    After removing F-Secure from your Macbook, please log in to your My F-Secure account and click +Add Device to download the installation file again and please run it.

    Please let me know if the reinstallation helped to solve the problem. If the problem persists, we will continue troubleshooting and create a diagnostic file for further review.

    Best regards!


  • daniel_weiss95
    daniel_weiss95 Posts: 1 New Member

    Hi @Hontsu & @CarolinaC!,

    I have exactly the same issue it just opens then closes again by itself after updating to MacOS 14.4.1. I got mine installed by the shop where I bought my MacBook from just over a week ago I got the MacBook Pro M3 14" 2023 so it's still very new.

    Before updating the OS it worked perfectly fine only after this happened its been crashing. Do u think I should just go back to the store and say I want my money back for paying for the software and just uninstall it? I'm thinking theirs no point of keeping it if it won't work with this OS version and the future versions of MacOS.

    Do u think that's a good idea?

    Best regards,