Fraud iPodApp ?


My F-secure Internet security detected portscanning "Syn Fin scan" from an IP address in my local network that turned out to be an IPod. Source port 56521 and knocking local port 1119.


My son whose iPod is in question said that he had only downloaded the following applications from the AppStore.

Impossible Game + Maps

COD Zombies








I did assume AppStore pretty safe.

Any comments on this one or similar experiences ? Am I totally misled ?


BR manttila




  • warriorfullight
    warriorfullight Posts: 23 Observer

    Not just yourself, but most of us assume Apple Store is safe and I can't agree more. I have been installing different apps from it and haven't encountered any problem at all until today. You might be detecting the problem coming from the iPod, but not necessarily a problem it caused. You may try double checking. image

  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 0 Former F-Secure Employee

    There are quite many different communications software on that iPod and also the device itself is actively searching for other devices in the vicinity. You might want to test if these alerts occur when your son is using some specific game or program.

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