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1.) Is Freedome vpn inside the F-Secure TOTAL or do I need to download Freedome vpn separately?
2.) Whats the direct download link for the Freedome vpn itself?

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    Hi @OCR

    Freedome VPN is being discontinued as you are aware of, so even if it's shown on the F-Secure website store (hopefully they've taken it down by now) it won't be supported past May 22nd.

    The VPN included in Total (Windows version shown below) is a VPN, without the user friendly system tray icon options that the Freedome app had (from my understanding).

    Here is what we can do to know we're connected in the Total version, by hovering our mouse cursor over our System tray network icon.

    Here are the options we have with Total when right-clicking the F-Secure System tray icon.

    Here is what the VPN looks like in the Total app. It has the scroll bar for connecting to different server locations.

    Here are the left side (above shown in full app view) of the settings.

    When you enable the VPN, and close out of the app, you can allow in the Total app settings to be notified that you're connected to the VPN.

    In Android, the VPN is also accessed through the Total app.

    I hope this helped.


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    one more question about the freedome vpn. I dont know if it still does or not,but it happened with the standalone app Freedome vpn. Sometimes when I had vpn on,a website couldnt be reached and I had to turn off vpn for it to appear.. Why does that happen sometimes?

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    Hi @OCR

    We found the latest version (124.x) of Chromium-based browsers (Brave, Chrome, Edge) introduced a new "TLS 1.3 hybridized Kyber support" feature seems to conflict with our VPN. As a workaround, to get your internet connection while the VPN is on you can disable the Edge or Chrome browser feature to fix the problem. Select the

    1. Launch Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser

    2. In the browser address bar, enter
    chrome://flags/#enable-tls13-kyber  for Chrome
    edge://flags/#enable-tls13-kyber  for Edge
    brave://flags/#enable-tls13-kyber  for Brave

    3. From the drop-down menu, select Disabled to deactivate the TLS 1.3 feature

    4. Restart or relaunch the browser when prompted and attempt to browse.

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    2 questions.
    1.) Someone mentioned "Freedome VPN is being discontinued". Does that mean that the standalone Freedome vpn will be in the F-Secure TOTAL instead? if so.. Then I just have to uninstall the standalone Freedome vpn both on pc and android?
    2.) What about the app "ID Protection" app? if that one is also within F-Secure TOTAL.. Should I also uninstall the "ID Protection since that one is also in the F-Secure TOTAl itself?
    3.) Is there any Telegram groupchat or Telegram support chat where I can ask questions and not just via forum? it would be awesome and abit better for me. If anyone going to make it,make sure to put the opening hours (as CET) in the part of the description

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    Sorry for the typo. it was suppose to be show "3 questions",not "2 questions"

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