FSIS 2012 key registration failed during installation behind a http proxy

Dear all,


today I tried to install FSIS 2012 on a Win7 32bit professional PC behind a proxy via the launch pad. The message after entering the license key (translated back from German) is "registration service currently unavailable, please try later".


I've set the right proxy settings in the launch pad, a test for updates shows, that the update service could be reached  (message: no updates available). But analyizing the traffic from the client during the key registrion with wireshark shows, that the proxy isn't used. The launch pad tries a direct internet connection, which cann't work in this environment.


Any help is much appriciated.


Additional hint:s:

- After a test FSIS 2011 installation and configuring the proxy settings, key registration with the same key was successfull.


- I've done three successfull FSIS 2012 installations vom Win7 64bit and 32bit and Win XP 32bit clients in the same "proxy protected" family network out of the box without dealing with the proxy settings in the launch pad.




  • I also got the same error, though when I decided to use it on Windows 7 64 bit, it works just fine. That is the only option I had and it is good for me. image

  • MClimber
    MClimber Posts: 4

    Thanks for the hint. Because of the processor on this machine, Windows 7, 64 Bit is no option.

  • Siltanen
    Siltanen Posts: 108 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hello MClimber,


    Please take an FSDIAG from the problematic machine and submit a request to our support:


    Creating an FSDIAG file:



    Contacting support:




  • MClimber
    MClimber Posts: 4
    Thanks for your support. I will create the diag on weekend.
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