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hello.. I have a 5 user vpn package for devices.. but on new app I can’t see my account/devices.. it just keeps saying add device.. yet all devices are protected & in date.. thankyou

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    Hello @Tommyj123

    We welcome you to our forum and thank you for your post.

    The situation you described is due to the fact that we have made some changes this month and soon F-Secure FREEDOME will no longer be supported. So there is a need to install a new program.

    Using the e-mail address you provided when registering on our forum, I checked your account in My F-Secure. It shows that you installed the new version of the program on one device on 14.04.2024, while on the other devices you still have the FREEDOME application, which is no longer visible in your account in My F-Secure. However, because the app still works, your devices are protected.

    The best thing to do now on your remaining devices would be to install the new version of the program using the Add Device option after logging in to your My F-Secure account. Then those devices will be visible in your account. You can then safely uninstall the F-Secure FREEDOME app.

    For more information, visit this page: Switching from Freedome VPN to the new F-Secure app - F-Secure Community

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