Firefox extension blocks all traffic

Frankhe Posts: 17 Enthusiast

Hi, when I use Firefox all traffic is blocked when the extension "Browsing Protection by F-Secure" is enabled. When I disable this extension I am able to navigate to a website.

macOS version: 12.7.4

Firefox version: 124.0.2

Extension version: 5.3.11

I now keep the extension disabled. Is this a known issue?

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  • ryan1969
    ryan1969 Posts: 1 Observer
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    Hello, @Frankhe

    Yes, the issue you’re experiencing with the “Browsing Protection by F-Secure” extension on Firefox is a known one. It appears that there have been instances where the extension blocked all traffic, preventing users from navigating to websites. This was due to the extension violating Mozilla’s Add-on Policies by executing remote code and insufficient user data handling and protections.

    However, the good news is that this issue has been resolved, and the Browsing Protection is now available on Mozilla Firefox again. If you’re still facing problems, you might want to check for any updates to the extension or try reinstalling it.

    I hope my suggestion is helpful for you.


  • Frankhe
    Frankhe Posts: 17 Enthusiast

    Hi @ryan1969, thank you for your answer. I uninstalled the extension, closed Firefox, restarted it and installed the Browsing Protection by F-Secure extension again. It looks like this solves the issue. Thank you again!

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