Analysis stopped .... Impossible to achieve analysis... Reboot and try again

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Hi all,

My system is Window 11, and I can't achieve the full analysis : after a while, I get the error message in post title. I can't attach the error screen in my post...

Reboots don't solve the issue.

I uninstall and install F-Secure again : same behaviour as mentioned in the title, but no specific error code is displayed.

What can I do ?

Note :

F-Secure Total 19.3 version.

Thanks for any help.

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  • illico
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    Problem solved :

    I started wih a "quick search" : a dangerous file was detected, and removed.

    Then I launched " a full search" : the process run up to the end and 4 dangerous fiels has been detected.

    No more F-Secure interrupt.

    Sorry for the disturbance.